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Which Would You Prefer: Add More Medication or Lose Weight?

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A study released on Nov. 9 showed that reducing blood pressure in patients at risk for heart problems by giving more medication reduced the rates of serious heart problems of death.  The study was so successful that they stopped it early, due to the strength of the findings.  While this is certainly good news for some people, the idea of adding another medication and, as was mentioned, increasing the number of doctor visits to monitor the patient, may not be a great result.  Also mentioned was that some participants in the study had blood pressure that got too low, causing dizziness and
possible fainting, as well as kidney complications.  You can read more about the study here.

The question is, which would you rather do?  Add medication to your regimen and increase doctor visits or lose weight?  In most people, even those with a few pounds to lose, weight loss decreases blood pressure.  At Medical Weight Management Center, we have a simple, affordable plan that can help you to lose weight, reduce your blood pressure and possibly other medications that you take.  Our patients don’t all have high blood pressure, but they are generally insulin resistant, which puts them at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

To learn how you can lose weight before your doctor increases your medication, call our behaviorist, Judy Smith, at 952-835-2132.  She will answer your questions and give you cost information about our OPTIFAST program.