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Nature or Nurture?

It’s BOTH! Those of us who have struggled with our weight lifelong are probably genetically predisposed to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many related conditions.  If you have tried many times, OPTIFAST is a program of last resort.  It tastes good, controls appetite, and lets your body burn fat.  It has helped people reduce body […]

Sometimes Simplicity Is Best.

Your life is busy. You’re on the go. So why over-complicate things with a diet plan that’s hard to manage? Instead, choose OPTIFAST®.  Our program is simple: Each day, you’ll drink 5 shakes (or choose among our delicious soups and bars) and eat a simple, healthful dinner meal. If you are ready to improve your health and shed body […]

Why Gain Weight During the Holidays?

New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Start in November! Medical Weight Loss | OPTIFAST | Weight Management Rather than waiting until New Year’s to make a resolution to lose weight, ” it’s a whole lot better to maybe have an Oct. 1 resolution to gain less in the first place,” said Brian Wansink, Professor at Cornell […]

Discouraged by The Biggest Loser Outcomes?

Weight Loss Minneapolis | Weight Loss Programs | OPTIFAST  Based on the recent media coverage of The Biggest Loser (TBL) study results, you might be discouraged, thinking “why should I bother, if my metabolism will just end up being lower?” Bariatric physicians across the nation reacted with insight and far more positive statements: Dr. Barbara […]

Are You Reducing Fat in Your Diet?

Benefits of Replacing Saturated Fat With Vegetable Oils was Overestimated! Weight Loss Plans | Weight Management Minneapolis MN | OPTIFAST A study done in Minnesota from 1968-1973 was done to see if replacing saturated fats with vegetable oils would reduce serum cholesterol levels and as a result reduce coronary heart disease and death.  Study participants […]

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

You May be Hearing Ads on the Radio or Television Telling You that You can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes or Put it in Remission.  Keeping the Weight Off with OPTIFAST | Weight Loss | Weight Management  This is not new information, as OPTIFAST was designed for that about 40 years ago!  I’m sure that you have […]

Which Would You Prefer: Add More Medication or Lose Weight?

Weight Management | Weight Loss with OPTIFAST | Weight Loss Programs  A study released on Nov. 9 showed that reducing blood pressure in patients at risk for heart problems by giving more medication reduced the rates of serious heart problems of death.  The study was so successful that they stopped it early, due to the […]