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Selecting a Weight Management Program – Commercial vs. Medical?

There are so many weight loss programs these days that it is hard to know how to choose the right one.  Many commercial programs are filled with promises that it will be able to help you do what you have never been able to do on your own.  Some of those promises are:

  • Consumer testimonials and/or photos
  • Rapid weight loss claims
  • No requirement for diet or exercise
  • Claims of permanent weight loss
  • “Safe and natural” weight loss

How do You Find a Weight Loss Program That You Can Trust?

 National health organizations (www.obesityaction.org and www.win.niddk.nih.gov) have suggested the following guidelines:

1.       Find a program that offers counseling or education.
2.       Seek a program with a professional staff such as physicians, nurses, counselors, exercise physiologists and dietitians
3.       Determine is a health professional helps you set weight and health goals and supervises your progress
4.       Consider whether the diet is something you can really do
5.       Does the program offer a follow-up or maintenance program to help you keep weight off or assist you if you have a weight regain?
6.       Does the program have research that supports its technique and/or publications that explain the program, its philosophy, and methods?
7.       Is the program affordable?

AT MWMC, we offer the OPTIFAST program that has positive answers to all of the questions above.

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