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Nature or Nurture?

weight lossIt’s BOTH!

Those of us who have struggled with our weight lifelong are probably genetically predisposed to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many related conditions.  If you have tried many times, OPTIFAST is a program of last resort.  It tastes good, controls appetite, and lets your body burn fat.  It has helped people reduce body fat for over 40 years–it’s tried and true.

You may have a genetic risk for heart disease, but you can reduce your risk by healthy living.  A recent study done at Massachusetts General Hospital found that “even if you have been dealt a bad genetic hand, you do have control over the problem,” according to study director, Dr. Sekar Kathiresan.  The study found that genes can double the risk of heart disease, but a good lifestyle cuts it in half.  On the other hand, a terrible lifestyle erases about half of the benefits of good genetics.

The data was based on a scoring system that used points for lifestyle and presence of obesity in the subjects.  The doctor states that if you have a strong family history of heart disease, you have it in your power to change that risk.  Eating healthy, exercising at least once a week, not smoking, and normal weight were the elements identified as risk reducers.  If you are overweight, eating healthier and exercising regularly are the first steps to losing weight.  Not smoking is a must.  To read more about the study results, click here.

If weight loss would help you reduce your risk of heart disease, contact us at Medical Weight Management Center at 952 835 2132.  Talk to Karen Holtmeier, Registered Dietitian, and Licensed Nutritionist, to discuss the way you can lose weight quickly and safely.

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