COVID-19 Updates

In response to the directive to Stay at Home, we are happy to tell you that you can get OPTIFAST delivered direct to your home with no shipping costs at this time.  Call (952) 835-2132 or e mail to place an order. If you have not used OPTIFAST for a long time, it is now easier than ever to obtain and use at a calorie level that does not require medical monitoring. You can use 4-5 servings per day plus a balanced, healthy evening meal and still lose weight.

Remember how good you felt when you were using OPTIFAST? No cravings, balanced blood sugar, appetite under control! Use OPTIFAST during this unprecedented, challenging time to provide the best nutrition possible, help you keep from gaining weight when you are under new lifestyle conditions, or even lose weight, if you prefer!

Some tips to help you manage your eating during this stressful time:

SLEEP: Sleep is the cheapest thing you can do to take care of yourself. Sleep effects everything, but mostly, helps you not snack excessively to give yourself energy to carry out your day.

SUNSHINE: Getting out for some sunshine, or at least fresh air, every day can help your mood, release stress, and give you some exercise.

SUPPLEMENTS: Take vitamin D3, 1,000 IU per day to help your body utilize it better, and consider taking a Zinc (gluconate, if you can get it) supplement to boost your immune system. Vitamin C may also be helpful, but you can get antioxidants from vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit. OPTIFAST supplies all the nutrients known to be needed.

SUNSET: A difficult one to do, but consider no TV or screen time after sunset to help you get restful sleep. 

SCHEDULE: (or routine) Keeping a normal schedule that you were/are accustomed to is important to keeping your circadian rhythms in balance. Going to bed at your normal time, getting up at your regular time, and eating your meals regularly—breakfast, lunch, and dinner, will help to manage your weight. 

SWEAT PANTS: No sweat pants! Get dressed in regular clothes so that you know that they still fit you!